Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

Alongside our sister company Sussex Medical Services, Southern Ambulance Services, are trading names of Elite Medical and Ambulance Services Ltd, we aim to supply the highest levels of patient centred care, to non-emergency ambulance patients, at affordable prices.

The Non-Emergency Ambulance Service Specialists

We pride ourselves in offering a specialist non-emergency ambulance service throughout London and the South. We are based at various locations covering, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London but we also regularly transfer patients throughout the UK and Northern Europe.

Highly Experienced Non-Emergency Ambulance Service

We have a highly trained and experienced team of ambulance professionals with a history of providing non-emergency ambulance care to a range of patients with varying ailments. We have the knowledge, experience and culture of care, to ensure a minimum of stress and maximum efficiency, we’re ready to take care of you.

Fully Equipped Fleet

We have a large fleet of fully equipped ambulances of different sizes to suit your needs. This enables us to supply the appropriate ambulance for you, ensuring your upmost comfort and reducing excess costs while catering for the full range of non-emergency ambulance needs.

Competitive Prices, Highest Standards of Service

We aim to deliver the highest standards of service at competitive prices, being based at various locations in the South enables us to reduce our costs and quote very competitive prices.

Call our booking office for a no obligation quote or to discuss you specific needs, we’re only too happy to help.

Our other Ambulance Services

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The transfer of my daughter from Great Ormond Street to Leeds last Friday went very well, many thanks.

*Names are withheld for Patient Confidentiality

Southern Ambulance Services is a Trading Name of Elite Medical and Ambulance Services Ltd.