Medical Repatriation to Surrey

Emergency Repatriation Ambulance Service in Surrey

Along with our sister company, Sussex Medical Services, Southern Ambulance Services (trading names of Elite Medical and Ambulance Services Ltd) provide medical repatriation by ambulance for both private individuals and assistance companies throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Europe.

Ambulance Repatriations from UK Airports

We are perfectly located for airport transfers from Heathrow and Gatwick along with the large majority local airports in the South. We regularly undertake airside transfers as well as pick ups through the normal channels. We can then repatriate all over Surrey and the UK, ensuring a safe patient repatriation.

Ambulance Repatriation from Europe

We are fully equipped to collect patients from a range of Northern European destinations. We specialise in repatriation from The Benelux, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

We have specific, fully equipped repatriation vehicles with forward facing stretchers, pressure reducing mattresses, and climate control. European insurance cover and satellite navigation for European travel, are of course in place.

For European repatriations, we encourage journeys to start first thing on the Continent and end up with the patient safely at home or in a UK hospital later the same day. We are experienced in longer journeys, however, we highly recommend transfers without an overnight stop.

Ambulance Repatriation through Assistance Companies

We work for various small and large assistance companies, providing an efficient and professional repatriation service, many of the assistance companies are members of the BMESF. Our teams work 24 hours and cover the whole of the country, ensuring all patients’ benefit from our exceptional standard of care.

Highly Experienced Repatriation Team

Our highly trained and professional medical repatriation team comprises nurses, IHCD technician’s or advanced first aiders depending on the nature of the repatriation. Our insurance covers us for blue light use airside if required.

Need some advice?

We are more than happy to explain every part of the journey, what is involved and what the client or patient needs to do. We actively encourage full cooperation with medical advisers to ensure the appropriate course of action for the patient. We focus on being flexible to meet your needs as each medical repatriation is completely unique.

Contact us for a no-obligation phone call or simply to discuss your individual requirements, we’d be delighted to help.

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Southern Ambulance Services is a Trading Name of Elite Medical and Ambulance Services Ltd.